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Finding Your Own Voice in Creative Writing PE001

  • Wednesday: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
  • 5/18 – 6/22
  • Sessions: 6
  • PE001
  • Location: Zoom Classroom - Zoom
  • Instructor: Rima Riedel
  • Fees: $49
  • 10% Online Discount
13 Seats Available


Learn to use your own voice to create compelling stories. Telling a story is often easy to do in words, but what about on paper. What does it sound like when you tell a story? That’s what your writer’s voice is. Often, writers will have beautiful images in their heads but struggle to commit them to paper. This course is designed to educate, encourage and inspire aspiring writers of all backgrounds, abilities and levels of experience, to find their own voices. Learn the ins and outs of creative writing through a variety of warm-up exercises, discussions and gentle critique.


  • Class Fee $49
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