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Louis Bonito Security Officer License Course- Guard CardCC002

In brief, I am now retired from the Department of Correction after a wonderful 20 plus year career. I worked for the State of Connecticut, Department of Correction for 20 plus years. During that time I worked as a Correctional Officer, a Treatment Officer, and a Counselor. Additionally, I was a member the DOC’s Hostage Negotiation Unit as a Hostage Negotiator and an Instructor for 15 years. In 2008, I assisted the DOC as an instructor run a negotiator basic training for the Windsor, South Windsor, and Manchester Police Departments. I have also worked in Private Security and have a solid educational background. I have trained many different organizations in Connecticut including the New Haven Board of Education, many private schools, a large number of businesses, and I have even performed executive protection on a local Hoarders show.